Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hoping for a Year of Rainbows

2010 is over. I, for one, am glad. It has been the most difficult year of my life thus far. I cannot deny the Lord's blessings over the year. He helped me get through the loss of a child, something I never would have thought I was strong enough to go through. And he has given me a wonderful (though rambunctious) son. I wouldn't trade him for the world. I have a husband and family who love me even when I don't deserve it and a church family who encourages me every week. I am blessed.

Nonetheless, it was 2010 when I finally understood just how much life stinks. The rain falls on the good and the bad. No one is exempt. This year, it was my family's turn for storms. I'm counting on 2011 to be the year for rainbows.

Look closely for the rainbow:)
Shortly after we lost Eden, my husband and I were driving home after a storm. A rainbow stretched from one end of the sky to the other (something neither of us had ever seen before). I think it was God's way of telling us, "You'll be okay. Rainbows can only come after the rain. And I know you've had plenty of rain."

So 2011, bring on the rainbows. I'm ready for them. And I don't think I can handle much more rain...

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