Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm hoping to submit Eden's name to be included on the website They are opening up to submissions tonight. I'll keep you updated on whether or not we get it submitted. Anyway, here is what I wrote for her submission:
Eden Bell
Left the comfort of Mommy’s womb on October 15, 2010 at 12 weeks, 2 days
Due April 27, 2011
Missouri, United States

Though we never met you,
We love you through and through.
We think about you always,
In everything we do.

We wish that we could bring you back
And take you to our home.
But instead we grieve without you
And struggle on our own.

Someday we’ll get to meet you
And see your beautiful soul.
Our tears will then stop flowing
And our family will be whole.

Eden, Your mommy and daddy and big brother, Rylan, love you very much. I’m so thankful for the 12 weeks I got to hold you in my womb. You are my special angel. I will never forget you and can’t wait to meet you in heaven someday. Until then, thank you for the sunsets and other beautiful pictures you and God paint for me. I love you always, Mommy.

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