Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Two Things That Help After a Miscarriage

As I write this post, a friend of mine is dealing with the loss of her baby. She, just as I did, saw a heartbeat at 8 weeks and then lost the baby at around 12. Would you take a moment to pray for her and her family this week?

I wish so much I could fix it for her. That I could do something to help heal her heart, to help give her hope. Her situation got me thinking about what it was that helped me through our miscarriages. When it comes down to it, I think there were two things that helped me survive:

1. The hope of heaven.
It kills me to know that I'm not the one wiping my babies' tears. I'm not the one rocking them, holding them, and loving them. But at least I know someone is. At least I know they're not alone. And someday, I will get to do each of these things with them.

As my friend grieves the loss of her child, I know that she also has this hope. For that, I'm so very thankful. Someday, she's going to hold that baby again. Someday, she's going to find out if it was a boy or girl. Someday, God is going to make this awful situation better. 

2. The family of God.
There have been numerous times when I've doubted God's presence this year. I've felt abandoned and wondered how a loving God could allow so much pain into my life. To be honest, I still sometimes wonder why he's not fixing everything. But in these moments, He's always sent someone to me. Someone to be His hands to comfort. Someone to be His arms to wrap around me. Someone to be His shoulder to cry on. So I guess, even when I don't feel God with me, He's enabled me to feel other people.

That's what I want to be for my friend. I want to be God's hands when they feel far away and his presence when she can't find him. I can't fix her heart, but I can help. So can you.

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  1. BTDT and just prayed for your friend - thanks so much for sharing for being God's hands to her. :)