Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Easter Changes Everything

Last Easter, my husband and I were grieving the loss of two babies: Eden, whom we lost in October 2010 and Jesse, whom we lost in January of 2011. This Easter, we celebrated the gift of a new baby. A baby I never expected to receive.

It's amazing to me how God can turn around anything and make it new.

He used three miscarriages to bring us a baby. Death to bring life. Pain to bring beauty.

At a time when I didn't think God cared anymore, he proved that none of my tears went unnoticed. This past weekend, we celebrated Easter. For me, it was an Easter I'll never forget. Not because of the egg hunts or the time with family (though I enjoyed both) but because I think I finally understand what Easter is all about.

It's all about reversals.

On Friday, Jesus' disciples thought all hope was gone. On Sunday, God turned it all around.

On Friday, Satan thought he won. On Sunday, God proved the opposite.

On Friday, Jesus died and was buried. But on Sunday, His resurrection brought our restoration.

Death bringing life.
Pain bringing beauty.
Easter changes everything.

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