Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keeping Eden's Memory Alive

My parents recently went to Aruba. (I know, I'm jealous too. While we were blanketed with snow, they were relaxing on a beach in eighty-degree weather).

While they were there, my mom sent me this picture. I was blown away-by the beautiful picture, yes, but even more so by the fact that they took time away from their vacation to remember our baby. To write her name in the sand at sunset. Thanks, Dad and Mom. Thanks for keeping Eden's memory alive. I know I'll never forget her. But as each day passes, I wonder more and more if anyone else will remember her. It's nice to know you're not forgetting.

*Side Note: If any of you are wondering about our pregnancy, I have more testing Thursday and Friday of this week. I'll post an update soon. Please keep praying.

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