Friday, May 6, 2011

When Mother's Day Doesn't Feel Like a Celebration

My miscarriage story is different than some. I have one healthy child whom I adore. But I also have two children that no one will ever meet this side of heaven. Mother's Day is an interesting holiday for me. It's a reminder of the blessing I have in Rylan, but it's also a reminder of the two babies I'll never get to hold.

I don't think I can really be sad, because I'm so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be Rylan's mom. But I also don't think I can be completely happy, because I miss Eden and Jesse so much.

This weekend, while you celebrate your mother and all the other mothers in your life, take time to pray for those who are grieving-those mothers who never got to hold their babies and those women who have longed to hold a baby in their arms only to be told they probably never can. These women, though they might not have living children, deserve our respect just as much as any other mother out there.

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